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Where do You Want to Go?

The World is a Phone Call Away
We Fly to over 3,000 destinations in the US alone. Here are just a few.

Las Vegas

Vegas is by far the most popular place we fly.  From its amazing hotels, first-class entertainments, fantastic shopping and restaurants, there is no place like Las Vegas.  And of course it's the world's greatest gaming destination.  If you like the nightlife and excitement of a city that never sleeps, Las Vegas is for you.

King Air from (Fresno) - from $3,600* 

Lear Jet (Van Nuys) - from $11,000

Challenger 601 (Visalia) - from $15,000

Gulfstream (Fresno) - from $17,000


Cabo San Lucas

So close, and yet a world away.  'Cabo' has got it all - unbelievable beaches, world class fishing, luxury hotels and restaurants, and that intangible thing you can only find in Cabo - that Latin electricity in the air.

King Air (Fresno) - $13,900

LearJet 45 (Van Nuys) - $29,800

Challenger 601 (Visalia) - $40,000

Gulfstream 500 (Fresno) - $45,750

US National Parks

The most beautiful places on Earth are just a short flight away.  Because we can fly into airports the airlines don't, we can take you within minutes of most National Parks.  Here are times from nearest airport to the park:

Arches / Canyonlands - 15 minutes. (Moab airport)

Zion Ntl. Park - 50 minutes (St. George airport)

Carlsbad Caverns - 10 minutes (Carlsbad Airpark)

Yosemite Ntl. Park - 30 minutes (Mammoth-Yosemite)

Glacier Ntl. Park - 29 minutes (Glacier Park Intl.)

Grand Canyon Ntl. Park - 18 min. (Grand Canyon Airport)

moab-arches NP.jpg

Banff (Lake Louise)

The Canadian Rockies are truly unbelievable.  Between the gorgeous city of Banff, to Lake Louise, and the incredible Glacier Ntl. Park of Canada...once you see this area you'll never be the same.  

King Air (Fresno) - $24,400

LearJet 45 (Van Nuys) - $38,250

Challenger 601 (Visalia) - $51,000

Gulfstream 500 (Fresno) - $57,600

Teluride (or other ski areas)

Some of the best ski resorts in the world are just a short flight away.  Mammoth is only 35 minutes from either Fresno or Van Nuys, 90 minutes to Heber City (Deer Valley and Park City), and under 2 hours to Teluride or Aspen.  In less time than it takes to drive to your local resort, you can be shredding on the most famous mountains in America.  (And since we are all skiers/boarders, we might be able to discount our standby fee!)

Mammoth (King Air) - from $3,800

Mammoth (Lear Jet) - from $11,450

Heber City - from as low as $8,250

Teluride - from as low as -   $12,750


These are just a few sample places with prices.  We can take you to over 3,000 airports across the US - plus Mexico, Canada, and about anywhere in the world!

A Few Other Considerations

  • Prices above are one-way delivery to your destination - OR round trip with the addition of our optional standby charges.

  • If a round trip is desired, for shorter trips it is often more economical to use our standby option (as opposed to having the plane have to come back to get you).  Details to be discussed at time of booking.

  • Standby charges only apply after plane and pilots wait over 6 hours.

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