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Featured Jets

We have the right plane for every mission, whether it's a quick day trip to Mammoth or a dream vacation around the world.

Gulfstream G500

Xtra-Large Cabin. The Flagship of our fleet, the G500 is larger than most regional airliners.  When ultimate comfort and long range are required, this is your plane.  It's the true inter-continental aircraft and the ultimate in private jet travel.

  • Seats - 13

  • Range - 5,620 miles

  • Speed - 616 knots

Gulfstream G500
LearJet 45

LearJet 45XR

Midsize Cabin. This is one of the most popular private jets ever.  Great speed, good range, and comfortable, this is the perfect jet for any trip up to half-way across the US, or to Cabo or Vancouver.  A good-value private jet compared to the larger cabin planes. Whether it's your first time chartering a jet or you're a seasoned jet-setter, this is a great jet for you.

  • Seats - 7/8

  • Range - 1,900 miles

  • Speed - 500 mph

Callenger 604

Midsize to Large Cabin. No expense has been spared, including a recent $1million upgrade, in order to provide you the most luxurious trip possible in private jet charters.  You can easily fly LA to NY or Hawaii.  

  • Seats - 9

  • Range - 3,824 miles

  • Speed - 460 knots

Challenger 604
Gulfstream G200

Gulfstream Galaxy 200

Midsize to large Cabin.  6' 3" cabin height, great leg room, and very long range make this a very popular jet. You can take you and your entourage non-stop from CA to anywhere in North America in wonderful ease and comfort.

  • Seats - 9

  • Range - 3,915 miles

  • Speed - 470 knots

KingAir 200

 Small to Mid Cabin.  By far the most widely sold business aircraft in the world - for over 50 years!  With two jet engines powering large propellers, this design allows you to land at shorter airports than the jets, while using a fraction of the fuel and expense.  This plane is ideal for shorter trips like Vegas, Tahoe, or Phoenix, but has the ability to fly non-stop as far as Dallas and Denver.

  • Seats - 8

  • Range - 1,880 nm

  • Speed - 320MPH

Beechcraft Super King Air 200

These are our featured aircraft, however we have several other aircraft available.  Our job is to perfectly match your mission and budget with the right aircraft.  Send us an inquiry for your free, no-obligation quote.

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